Sunflower – a new source of protein

To produce one kilo of animal protein five kilograms of vegetable protein is needed on average. Up to 70% of the global farmland is used for animal feed production.

Vegetable foods are by far more resource-friendly and therefore efficient to produce. However, many plant-based foods are currently not convincing in terms of taste. We’ll change that.

Nowadays, sunflowers are almost exclusively used to produce edible oil. However, only 40% of the seeds is oil – the remaining components, which contain many valuable dietary fibres and proteins, are so far only used as animal feed or even completely wasted.

This is what we change:

The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging (IVV) has developed and patented a process that guarantees the holistic and sustainable use of sunflower seeds. The seeds are peeled, cold-pressed and de-oiled. The gentle process works at significantly lower temperatures than current industry standards in order not to damage the valuable proteins.

The result is Sunbloom – a functional, tasty and healthy protein from the sunflowers. Elosun GmbH, a spin-off of Fraunhofer IVV, produces and sells the new protein exclusively. Sunbloom is the basis of various tasty and purely vegetable products such as mayonnaise, muffins, milk or meat substitutes. Sunbloom can be produced both conventionally and in organic quality.

The other components of sunflower seeds (oil and husks) are used as cooking oils and energy source.