What we stand for

Our objective is to provide a broader and better range of plant-based foods at fair prices and thus promote a resource-friendly approach to nature.
Food should be healthy and enjoyable – not only in our lives today, but also tomorrow for future generations.

Sunbloom Protein is a functional ingredient applicable for many tasty vegetable foods. It is free of known allergens and lactose.
Simply a pleasure without compromise.

We make vegetable foods attractive even for omnivores

Taste and well-being are our top priorities. Everyone knows sunflowers, which stand for summer, sun and pleasure. Most consumers also know and like the taste of sunflower seeds, which are used in many baked goods. No allergies or intolerances are known to date.

We take responsibility and promote a conscious use of our resources

Unlike other plant protein sources, sunflowers grow in many regions all over the world. Current sunflower yields for about 10 million tons of protein are available – without any additional consumption of farmland, water, energy or unnecessary transportation.